Who is Cécile?

cecile at marketI was born in Alsace, France.

My grandparents were market gardeners so I ate a copious amount of fresh and seasonal veggies throughout my youth. I loved them all especially fresh spinach.

My mum is a natural at cooking and she still impresses me with how fast she can put together an amazingly fresh meal. I’d like to think that I take after her.

In my teens I was a national track and field athlete and out of the blue, I decided that eating meat was not healthy for me. So I became vegetarian and obsessed with macrobiotic food. 

While studying marketing and international management, I landed in Vancouver for an internship. My love affair with Canada had started.

A wide-array of adventures later, I decided that cooking was my thing so I stayed focused on it. I honed my versatile skills on the job in cafés, retreat centres, on oil rigs, in a logging camp, in a transition house, at a kids’ camp, a commissary kitchen. My favourite... co-owning a vegetarian restaurant in my home-town.

I also got to manage a health food store where I gathered an excellent knowledge of ingredients.

Since moving to Kingston, I have developed my teaching skills while working at the Loblaws cooking school.

Now it's time - I'd like to share my contagious enthusiasm for food that makes you feel good!

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