Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prepare meat dishes?

I don’t. I will gladly prepare original side dishes that will be a taste-filled complement to your meat.

What’s your position on the meat question?

I am not against meat. I will encourage people to source their meat products from a “happy place” - one that treats animals with respect and that doesn’t use chemicals.

Why choose a Personal Cook (PC) versus a Caterer?

The PC is cooking from scratch in front of you. Your food can’t be fresher. The PC can be part of the entertainment. Your guests can hang out in the kitchen, ask questions or even help out while sipping their wine.

How many people can I invite?

Our catered dinner parties work best for groups of up to 20 guests. Our ‘All Cook’ dinner party is best suited to groups of up to 8 guests.

Why not book a table at a restaurant?

This service is original. Budget friendly with no extra charges (gratuities and tax included). You get to enjoy your favourite wine at cost.

Why choosing between a ’all-cook’ or a catered dinner?

You know your guests better than I do. They might prefer to sit back and watch while sampling and sipping. Or they may be game for some fun and enjoy putting together an amazing meal. We can discuss the possibilities and even consider a combination.

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