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Plantain Experiment

It's been a while since I have been wanting to play with plantains.

All I needed was my faithful cast-iron pan and coconut oil (ideal for healthy frying).

Plantain can't be eaten raw... you've got to cook it somewhat. It's actually referred as the cooking bananas!

So, I peeled one plantain (fitted nicely in the pan) with the help of a knife as it has a tougher skin. I cut it in about 1/2 cm-thick slices before dumping them in their oil bath.

It's interesting to notice that at first, it felt as if the cooking was taking forever. I turned the slices over and after some more cooking, all of a sudden, it burned... I caught it just in time but I'll know better in the future.
I also didn't add any salt which I will next time.
I'll be looking at spicing them up a bit too!

I am amazed at how it didn't get mushy at all. It's just so different and yet similar to bananas. Fascinating!

Well, I'm glad to have expanded my culinary horizon with this funky "fruit".

I made some turmeric/kale rice and a bok choy/radish/turnip stir-fry to eat with the plantains.

It was definitely a nourishing and satisfying addition to the table!

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